Learn to Play Croquet

The best way to learn Croquet is to join the Club.  Most members start by playing Golf Croquet and many also try their hand at Association Croquet although it tends to take a little time to come to terms with this more complex version of the sport.

This year we had planned to hold Taster Sessions at the beginning of the 2020 season to allow you to try Golf Croquet and to give demonstrations of Association Croquet.  But after the corona virus emergency these will now be held in April 2021.

After the taster sessions you can join the Club with a reduced membership fee for your first season of only £40. During the rest of the season you will be able to develop your skills at Golf Croquet.  We will also hold regular development sessions on Tuesday mornings to allow you to learn the skills of Association Croquet.  We may also hold further Association Croquet development sessions at other times if there is sufficient demand.

The taster sessions will take place in the grounds of Lauriston Castle.  All equipment is provided, though participants are asked to wear flat-soled shoes to avoid damage to the lawns. 

We expect the taster sessions to be very popular so we would advise you to register in advance. All you have to do to register is to send an email with your name and phone number to beginners@edinburghcroquetclub.com. If you have problems with the link just send a normal email to the same address. If you don't have email just drop by and any member on the lawns will take your details.