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Welcome to the Edinburgh Croquet Club

Croquet is a game of strategy, tactics and skill.  The Edinburgh Croquet club is based in the magnificent surroundings of Lauriston Castle in Edinburgh with the lawns having a fabulous outlook over the waters of the Firth of Forth.

On this site you'll find information about our activities and facilities, along with details of how you can participate in this unique sport.  We hope you will find all of the information you are looking for about our club.

Upcoming Events

Season starts on Saturday 12th April.
Beginners' Course starts Saturday 3rd May.

News from 2013 Season

Beginners' Course and Lauriston Ells

18 people enrolled for the beginners' course which started on 4th May.  They showed an interest in both Golf Croquet and Association Croquet and the course provided a good introduction to both versions of the game.

The Ells Competition was held at the end of the course.  The Golf Croquet was won by Pat Gibb and the Association Croquet was won by Caroline Moffat.

Short Croquet Tournament

The Short Croquet Tournament was won by Janice Duguid.

Fun Doubles

The Fun Doubles was held in beautiful weather on held on 6th July. The Harold Wright Rosebowls were presented to two players Irene Bean and Jola Jurasinska.  Congratulations to them! 



Edinburgh Midweek Tournament

Four players entered the Edinburgh Midweek Tournament which was won by Brian Cosgrove of Meadows Croquet Club.

Teapot Challenge against Meadows Croquet Club

Once again we lost to Meadows Croquet Club!  The score was 14 - 10.


Lord Provost's Garden Party

The Lord Provost held a Garden Party at Lauriston on 31st August 2013.  Some of the guests entered into the spirit of the event by trying croquet!




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